Drinking Expensive Booze Can Make You a Better Writer

It's the dream of every author to write stories which sell millions of copies. While many people aspire to do this, few actually do. It's not an easy task. However, I have some good news. The fact others have been able to write a best seller that tops the charts means you can too!

"How To" books and advice are rampant across the internet. Just Google "how to write a best seller" if you don't believe me. Tips include reading books on how to write better or faster. Others suggest setting an environment conducive to your needs while writing. Another suggests exploring different background music to listen to while writing. But, I suggest alcohol—expensive alcohol.

Expensive alcohol, you ask? What the heck does expensive booze have to do with being a great writer? I'm glad you ask…

Staring at the ceiling fan in your favorite bar is not going to ramp up your creative genius. You need a little something extra and that is what expensive booze will offer. Whether you choose to sip a 2013 Pahlmeyer Merlot for $80, Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne priced at $50 or 12 year Yamazaki Japanese Whiskey costing $200 per bottle is up to you. But, sipping expensive booze changes a person. You become someone else—you become the author you were meant to be. A modern day Hemingway, Joyce, Parker, or Poe.

Your creativity will come alive. Stumbling blocks in your writing endeavor will fall away. Open the bottle. Smell the aroma. Listen to liquid hit the glass as you pour it. Concentrate of the simple act of feeling the warmth roll down your throat as you take your first sip. Then watch as your mind opens releasing your creative genius. Ideas will stumble forth. Words will flow onto your page.

With each sip, your persona will change. Your confidence will grow. Most motivational coaches will tell you to envision your goal. See yourself as having already achieved your goal. Sip that expensive cocktail and tell yourself, "I am a Best Selling Author." Your back straightens. You gain swagger. Notice the people around you nodding to you as if they are saying, "Good choice in drink, Mr/Ms BSA". You now have a successful air about you.

Simply by changing your beverage choice you've stepped out of your comfort zone. You've pushed the door open, and you're charging ahead with your manuscript. Now, take another sip of that $24 glass of wine and write. You've got this!

Disclaimer –

Rachel Ellyn does not believe expensive alcohol on its own will make you a better writer. Yet, she does believe expensive booze is yummy and will not say no to a $24 glass of wine… or a bottle of 18 Scotch!


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