Mommies & Daddies of Under 7 YOS

I can only imagine the stress you're under with the school closings. Then add juggling your littles, your career, money, older parents... it's crazy!

I am counting my blessing right now, and trying to pass some on to you or someone you know.

I've created a few activities for my book YOU'RE TOAST.

It's story about a little piece of bread, named Slice, who has dreams of becoming a gourmet dish. Alas, he is just a simple bit of bread! He is also shy, yet so desperately wants to be included in the Kitchen Crewe’s big adventures. Will this tiny underdog gain the courage to join in? I don't know. You'll have to read the book and see...


And in the book are recipes from Award Winning Kansas City Chefs, so you can share Slice’s dreams with your little one by creating these delicious dishes - using toast, of course!

I've also included all the activities I've created for the book as well.

FREE! Here's the link

If you and your kids enjoy this story, I'd love you to leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. That alone will be payment enough during this crazy time.

I'll try to get worksheets done for all my younger kids books as fast as possible and pass them along as well.

Stay healthy, my friends.

With love,



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