Tempt Me Swim Suit... It did and I love it

I saw all the reviews, 2420 to be exact, and that it was rated 4.5 stars, and I had to see more. I looked at all the review pictures and I was sold on trying it. What the hey! It's $27.99. Seriously, a swim suit for under $30.00?

The suit arrived, a size large for the record if you are looking at trying it too, and slide into it. And may I say, Wowzer! I looked good, even with the few *cough, cough* extra pounds I have on me.

Here's proof...me in the Florida Keys...in the suit...happy as a clam with my purchase.

Oh...and it held up to the salt, chlorine, side of the pool butt, and the wash.

Here's the link to check out the other colors it's available in and buy it (affiliate). I'll be buying this in a few more colors.


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